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We understand that property owners have different needs and reasons for seeking a property manager.  That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of property management services you can choose from, including:

Lease administration:
  • Rent collection, including providing tenants with monthly statements of account
  • Monitoring & implementation of lease provisions, such as periodic rent increases, assessment of late fees, requesting insurance certificates, notification of key events (such as expirations and options to extend or expand), etc.
  • Handling of evictions when necessary, including preparation and service of 3-Day and 30-Day Notices, and interaction with legal counsel throughout the Unlawful Detainer process
  • CityCom staff member specializing in and dedicated to fielding maintenance requests, consulting lease documents to verify responsibility, dispatching the appropriate vendor, and follow-up with tenants to ensure successful resolution

Facilities Management:
  • Arranging for all maintenance and repairs to the property, and supervising vendor performance for the building and common areas including but not limited to landscaping, janitorial, day porter, parking lot maintenance, HVAC, elevator, pest control, etc.
  • Ensuring that all maintenance and alterations are within the proper guidelines and performed in professional manner, and to ensure maximum asset value is maintained
  • Interaction with all appropriate government agencies as required for the building’s operation
  • Securing bids for all property services to ensure highest quality performance at the most effective cost, and to explore the economy of scale benefits with preferred vendors

Full general ledger accounting:
  • Billing and collection of rent and common area charges to tenants and adjoining property owners as appropriate
  • Budgeting and annual reconciliation and prorata billings of common area maintenance and operating expense increase pass-throughs as appropriate
  • Approval of invoices and posting payables
  • Interaction with your accounting software as required

Leasing support:
  • Utilizing tenant screening measures, including processing applications, credit reports, financial information, etc., to determine and make recommendations as to acceptance and associated risk of each prospect
  • Landlord represented negotiations for prospective new tenants or existing tenants’ lease renewals as the case may be, using either our proprietary comprehensive commercial leases customized for the Project, or any existing preferred lease documentation (such as AIR)


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